Welcome to Longwood School and Nursery

Open 7am – 7pm, Monday to Friday,

52 weeks per year excluding Bank Holidays

Children aged 3 months to 11 years

We hope you enjoy reading about us and gain some idea of what we can offer your family.

Longwood School and Nursery, Bushey near Watford in Hertfordshire, is registered as an Independent School with OFSTED, and also registered under the Early Years OFSTED register. The premises are open 7am – 7pm, Monday to Friday, throughout the year except Bank Holidays. The Day Nursery and Preparatory School offer continual education for children from three months to eleven years in a truly family atmosphere.

Longwood’s aim is to provide a happy, stimulating, healthy and safe environment where all children can attain high standards and develop into well-balanced citizens. Each child’s individuality is fostered with the encouragement of talents and abilities. Emphasis on high standards of self-discipline, considerate behaviour and the full preparation of subsequent schooling are essentials of our day-to-day care. We support local and national charities with fundraising events throughout the year.

Longwood Nursery was formed from the consolidation of the family-run well-established Rainbow Nurseries and their staff in operation throughout Bedfordshire and Middlesex. This consolidation and continued success since then has enabled longstanding, experienced and well-qualified staff to be happily employed: being motivated to ensure that every child receives the best care. Our high standards have been recognised very much within the community and by OFSTED since 1978.

Longwood School was opened in September 1992 in response to popular demand. The School has grown in numbers and success since then, and now has over one hundred pupils. This success is attributed to the team of dedicated and professional staff; good results in pupils’ achievements; success in secondary school placements; excellent facilities offered for sport including Log World Climbing Centre, Astroturf, swimming and tennis courts; and small class sizes.

We hope that you will decide to visit us to see Longwood for yourself. We are open for viewings everyday; please telephone to make an appointment. We look forward to welcoming you.